Comprehensive Analytics

With the new BLUPLAN™, you as a builder will be educated more than ever with what your buyers are doing. As part of your monthly subscription, you will have direct access to a customized portal where you can review traffic & behavioral analytics. Information like this is invaluable & can help create more informed decisions, whether it be adding & offering options or looking at overall success rates of viewing & sharing plans.


  • Find where your users are coming from
  • (Location, website refers, etc.)
  • What plans are getting viewed (Unique views, pages views, etc.)
  • Which community has the most viewed plan
  • What type of devices are people using to view plans (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)


  • What options are being turned on/off
  • How much time a user spends on individual plans
  • What floor is the most popular
  • How many times a plan gets saved
  • What kind of notes do they have

Data and statistical analysis is what drives the success of any given product. Eventually, we will be able to merge traffic with behavior data for more detailed results.