New & Improved Features of BLUPLAN™

With the growing need for technology and application design of the future, Blufish Products felt it was time to develop an all encompassing online experience based in HTML. With the new BLUPLAN™, it is now easier than ever for homebuyers of today to view, edit, save and share their customized floorplans.


Furniture has become a much more interactive experience in BLUPLAN™. The homebuyer now has the ability to choose categories & search options before placing the furniture of their choice. With the new system, we now have the capability continually bring new furniture to the program & product offerings from specific manufacturers.


View all available options for a specific plan while in BLUPLAN&tade; by turning the desired option on/off from the menu panel. The revised system makes it easier than ever to view options & decide what works best for each individual home buyer. We have further enhanced the visual appeal by highlighting selected options on the floorplan itself.


With an all-new note-taking system, the homebuyer can now create notes on their customized floorplan. Whether they would like to note a specific option they love, or remind themselves about a layout idea, BLUPLAN™ makes it easy to create personalized notes & revisit them at anytime.


In BLUPLAN™, personalization for each individual plan is now available with our label renaming system. Homebuyers can now edit plan labels. Instead of generic labels such as Bedroom 2 or Kitchen, the homebuyer can rename labels to their preference, such as Alex's Room or In-Law Suite.


One of the most exciting new features in BLUPLAN™ allows the builder to customize & target tailored offers to potential homebuyers. Whether promoting 50% off design center options or free stainless steel appliances, offers can now be directly featured on the floorplans themselves.

Print & Save

With the new BLUPLAN™, buyers can now save their customized floorplan & have the ability to come back at a later date to continue adding to it or print their creation.

Share Socially

Once your buyer has saved their plan and given you the necessary lead generation information, they can share their customized plan socially with friends & family.