BLUPLAN™ Setup & Pricing

Setting up your account with BLUPLAN™

You can get started today with BLUPLAN™ for as little as $2,500. Each individual account will be tailored specifically for that particular homebuilder. Contact us now to find out how we can get started setting you up with BLUPLAN™.

The 80/40 Pricing Ratio

The brand new, simpler price plan utilizing the 80/40 method will save you money & us time, getting your plans online & active faster than ever. The one time fee per plan includes CAD Conversion (if CAD file meets requirements), converting your file from the old to the new version & publishing your plan online.

Floor & Option Pricing

With this new BLUPLAN™ pricing model, it is easier than ever to price out your plans. Simply put, floors cost $80 across the board & options are priced at $40 for each 8 you need.